Ring Size Guide

Measuring your ring size at home for ring purchase is easy with these simple steps:

1. Gather Your Supplies: You'll need a piece of string or a thin strip of paper, a ruler with millimetre measurements, and a pen or marker.

2. Prepare Your Finger: Make sure your finger is at its usual size. Fingers can swell or contract due to factors like temperature and time of day, so measure in the evening when they're typically at their largest.

3. Cut a Strip of Paper or String: Take the strip of paper or string and wrap it around the base of the finger you want to measure. Ensure it's snug but not too tight.

4. Mark the Length: With a pen or marker, mark where the paper or string overlaps itself.

5. Measure the Length: Carefully remove the strip from your finger and use a ruler to measure the length from the end to the marked spot. Make sure to measure in millimeters for accuracy.

6. Find Your Size: Use a ring size conversion chart (like the one provided on our website) to match the measured length in millimetres to the corresponding ring size. Round up to the nearest whole size if needed.

7. Confirm Your Size: To ensure accuracy, measure your finger a few times and take an average if the measurements differ slightly. Also, measure the same finger on both hands, as they can be different sizes.

8. Consider the Style: Keep in mind that wider rings will fit more snugly than narrower ones, so you may want to size up slightly for wider bands.

By following these steps, you can determine your ring size at home and confidently make ring purchases from our store.